Imagine that?

Do you ever find that the music video for a song has the power to enhance your listening experience? Or, conversely it can show you something that was better left up to the imagination? I think the era of watching music video after music video on MuchMusic has passed, so I find that I have to make a conscious effort to actually watch a music video. Thank God for YouTube. When I do, sometimes I’m contently surprised, and other times…not so much. Below are examples of each:

1. the video that enhances the experience: Kiss of Life – Friendly Fires.

Maybe it’s the beach setting, or the commedia dell’arte masks, but more likely it’s lead singer Ed Macfarlane’s mesmerizing dance moves.

2. should’ve stuck with my imagination: Stellify – Ian Brown.

In my mind, with that voice of his, Ian Brown was a young, swoon-worthy, blue-eyed Brit. Enough said.


Tuesday brought Discovery

Those who know me well, know that I love discovering new music. There is nothing more satisfying than sitting down on a Tuesday evening, with 46 new tracks you’ve just purchased and taking the time to listen to each one. In our busy lives, it is rare to JUST listen to music. Not drive and listen to music. Not workout and listen to music but just listen. Soak it all in. Every so often I take a little time to partake in this simple pleasure.

Discovery is a recent find. It is the result of a friendship between Vampire Weekend‘s keyboardist Rostam Batmanglij and Wes Miles, the vocalist from Ra Ra Riot. They had been recording with each other for about 4 yrs, when they released their debut album LP.

Here are 3 tracks that I love from the album. “So Insane” shifts tempo so seamlessly, taking the song to a softer, more emotional place. And just when you’re thinking about how great it would be to make-out to, the beats bring you back to earth.

So Insane – Discovery

This next track is an awesome cover of Jackson 5’s pop-tastical hit. It’s slowed-down and synthesized yet somehow it works.

I Want You Back – Discovery

There is a certain “island vibe” to “Slang Tang”, similar sounding to some tracks on Vampire Weekend’s new album, Contra.

Slang Tang – Discovery

Definitely check out the rest of Discovery’s album, you’re sure to find some other good surprises.