Imagine that?

Do you ever find that the music video for a song has the power to enhance your listening experience? Or, conversely it can show you something that was better left up to the imagination? I think the era of watching music video after music video on MuchMusic has passed, so I find that I have to make a conscious effort to actually watch a music video. Thank God for YouTube. When I do, sometimes I’m contently surprised, and other times…not so much. Below are examples of each:

1. the video that enhances the experience: Kiss of Life – Friendly Fires.

Maybe it’s the beach setting, or the commedia dell’arte masks, but more likely it’s lead singer Ed Macfarlane’s mesmerizing dance moves.

2. should’ve stuck with my imagination: Stellify – Ian Brown.

In my mind, with that voice of his, Ian Brown was a young, swoon-worthy, blue-eyed Brit. Enough said.


One thought on “Imagine that?

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