Today, it’s about harmony

Last Thursday, I had the pleasure of being in a university town for work; one that has a reputation for wild parties, and good looking people. Any guesses?

It’s 12:34 am. The DJ is playing my new favourite song to hate, the one with the prolific lyrics “shots, shots shots” (you know the one) and suddenly I realize that I’m surrounded by 18 & 19 year olds fist-pumping, dirty dancing and loving this song 38231 more times than me.

The scene before me was nothing to criticize. Turn the clock back 5 or 6 years and I would be right there with them. Nostalgia began to bubble to the surface as I did a mental inventory of my partying past. Countless nights dedicated to Montreal’s nightlife, enough tequila shots to make any Mexican proud, more hours spent on the dancefloor than on the books, and 26 trips to Tokyo.

These were great times. Spectacular times. And even though I was once, not too long ago in the dancing shoes of these teens, I couldn’t help but feel 100. That was until I reflected on how great it is to be 20-something in our beloved city. Toronto truly caters to us when the sun sets.

So this Thursday, steer clear of the university parties, and swagger over to one of these 5 spots for a drink or three. And as you’re sipping on your crafted cocktail, know that you are old enough to savour it yet young enough to have another. Perfect harmony.

Torontette’s 5 Thursday night recos:

1. barchef: 472 Queen Street West

2. Union: 72 Ossington Avenue

3. Rasputin Vodka Bar: 780 Queen Street East

4. The Comrade: 758 Queen Street East

5. Nyood: 1096 Queen Street West


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