The Golden Game

This past Sunday was a day that will forever be in history for Canadians. Not only did we show the world that the game of hockey is OURS in the epic gold medal game against the U.S. but with that final gold medal, we entered the books as the country to receive the most gold medals EVER. EVER. If there was ever a moment to be a proud Canadian, it’s now. And this we know. What some may not know however, is the celebration that happened in Toronto, at the Great Hall.

A fly on the wall would see: a sea of red and white, stopping and cheering for our boys on the ice. Tears of joy from grown men. Beer flying to the 40 foot ceiling and falling on the crowd like Toronto’s man-made confetti. Hundreds of our city’s die-hard hockey fans coming together to raise hell for our nation’s sport at a Toronto landmark that recently celebrated its 120th birthday. What could be more serendipitous than that? Hockey and history, synonymous in such a unique way for Canadians.

For those who were there, I thank you from the bottom of my heart, and I commend you for recognizing that the Great Hall was the most memorable venue in Toronto to mark this moment in history. It was a special day for me, being an organizer of The Golden Game. One that despite all the craziness of planning an event in 10 days, still made it possible for me to power through on a magic carpet of adrenaline, fervor and countrywide pride and arrive exactly where I was supposed to….cloud nine, and SO proud to be Canadian.

Our little country said ‘I think I can’, and boy, did it ever pay off.


torontette xo

A few memorable photos from Sunday….

Global TV capturing reactions

Watching the game at the Great Hall

Toronto mayoral candidates Rocco Rossi & Sarah Thomson

The Golden Team: event organizers


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