Spring in your step

Ever since our gold medal hockey win, Toronto has been blessed with beautiful weather, much unlike March’s standard fare we have to bare. The past week and a bit, the sky’s been golden and blue…your neighbours have been friendlier, you’ve thought twice about shouting curse words at the pedestrian you almost ran over (we Torontonians are relentless at J-walking aren’t we??) and you generally feel more upbeat and anticipatory of spring’s blooms.

There’s something about listening to fun music in the sunshine. Whether you’re driving, walking to work, or enjoying a glass of vino at home, experiment with the tracks below instead of the usual wintery blues. I dare you not to smile, and definitely not to dance.

To stimulate your senses, I’ve included the neon-flavoured music video of My Turn by Basement Jaxx. Gotta love bears in bathing caps smashing hearts to a soundtrack of electronic teenage melancholy.

Torontette’s “spring is in the air” top 10.

1. Wake Up (feat. FrankMusik) – Acid Girls

2. Teenage Color – College

3. My Turn (feat. Lightspeed Champion) – Basement Jaxx

4. Keep the Lights On (Home Video Remix) – Wave Machines

5. Cape Cod Kwassa Kwassa (The Teenagers Remix) – Vampire Weekend

6. Ring Ring – Sleigh Bells

7. Changes (GLOVES Remix) – Van She

8. To The Light House (Millionyoung Remix) – Memoryhouse

9. Baby I’m Yours (Color Blaster rmx) – breakbot

10. We Wont Stop (Redial Remix) – Barretso


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