Artist Love: Wolf Gang & Tanlines

A new feature I’m starting called Artist Love, will spotlight up-and-coming bands, a la Torontette.

Because it’s the debut week, here are two….


Wolf Gang a.k.a. Max McElligot is a London School of Economics dropout who instead of bookworming it, chose to put out effortlessly good music. When you listen to this British gent of electro-theatrical pop, his influences shine through: David Bowie, Talking Heads, and Eurythmics. Clash Magazine labeled him as “the man of the synth-pop moment.”

“The King and All of His Men” seeps glammy vibes, and oozes catchy “ooos” but tugs on the heart strings with its lovelorn lyrics.

“Back to Back” is harmonic, lovely, smooth and gushy in a dark, lovesick kind of way. If this song doesn’t ring true in a universal sense for you dear reader, you are one cold-hearted mo-fo (I have imposed a strict no cursing rule on torontette).

The King And All Of His Men – Wolf Gang

Back To Back – Wolf Gang

Check out Wolf Gang’s myspace page.


Tanlines is New York duo Eric Emm, guitarist and ethereal vocalist, and Jessie Cohen, synthesizer extraordinaire. They teamed up recently to make electronic music, having both come from other bands. Cohen: Professor Murder and Emm: Don Caballero and Storm & Stress. They debuted their first album, Settings at SXSW this week with four shows, check out their interview with Spinner Magazine from down in Austin this week.

A word of advice, that I found out the hard way. When googling this band, don’t just do a search for “tanlines” but make sure to have the word “band” in there too. Otherwise what pops up isn’t exactly PG and sure to garner a few strange looks if you’re in a public place…perhaps like an airport. Mildly embarrassing.

The Memory Tapes remix of “Real Life” is brimming with island fever. I prefer this remix, but I have shared the original too.

And with “Saw” I just can’t stop listening to it on repeat, repeat, repeat.

Real Life (memorytapes remix) – Tanlines

Real Life – Tanlines

Saw – Tanlines

Check out Tanlines on myspace.


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