Artist Love (No. 3): Kisses


From LA, boyfriend-girlfriend twosome Jesse Kivel (vocals) and Zinzi Edmundson (keyboards) bring us Kisses. Their first single, Bermuda is dreamy and reflective, just as much as it’s sunny and sexy like the island it’s named after. There is a certain Miami Beach, 70s discotheque sensation that makes Bermuda danceable without overshadowing its ‘je ne said quoi’ secret garden of sublimity.

These two are not only pop sensations, but a journalist tag-team:  Edmunson is a writer and fashion blogger and Kivel spends his free time as a travel writer. This is in fact how Bermuda came to be. It was written in a way to grasp the warm and tingly feeling that results from escaping to an exotic destination, however without ignoring the undercurrent of aching detachment from loved ones that can follow. Perhaps something that Kivel knows all too well from his days as a wandering worldly wordsmith.

Kisses only has a one-shot deal to release Bermuda as a limited edition 7-inch single with the Transparent label. It comes out April 19. They have enough tracks for an album, and even have an album title (The Heart of the Night Life) but no full record deal. Perhaps…correction…Definitely the release of the single Bermuda will spark some interest, it’s only a matter of time.

Visit their website, click on the homepage and only one sentence appears: Always leave a little to chance.

I like it.

Bermuda – Kisses (right-click to download)




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