Concert review: Miike Snow

EP, KC & BB at Miike Snow

Saturday night as the doors of the Phoenix opened, 100s of Miike Snow fans poured in with hope-clad hearts anticipating what very well could be the most electrifying show of 2010.


We made it in time to catch the opening band, Delorean, a synth-pop band from Barcelona. They have made quite the name for themselves remixxing everything from The Big Pink to The Teenagers to The xx. The hombres of Delorean have such a fluid way of combining sonic airiness (think Memory Cassette or Air France) with dance-floor ready beats (think Cut Copy or Tanlines). They had great energy on stage that washed over you so swimmingly that your feet were moving before you had time to file them in your head’s musical playlist. The whole room was diggin’ it. I don’t think Miike Snow was counting on a supporting band that roused the audience more than they did. On to that….


With smoke machines running on overdrive, Andrew Wyatt, Christian Karlsson & Pontus Winnberg, better known as Miike Snow, appeared on stage donning white, poker-faced masks. Consider this their first impression: Anonymous and expressionless. Perhaps this interesting wardrobe choice was made in an effort to come across as mysterious but instead it appeared assuming and cavalier.

Of course they played the title tracks: Animal, Burial, Black & Blue etc. but for a good portion of the show, they used the stage as an experimental playground to showcase new tracks, DJ sets and piano solos. Now…I am always one to be open-minded at a live show. You take the lows with the highs just as long as you walk out feeling musically satisfied. Miike Snow’s new song they debuted was in one word, uninspiring. It sounded like a sub-par spin on what we’ve already heard.

One thing I’ll give them: they spun some amazing DJ sets…but appropriate? I sway towards no. Perhaps they couldn’t see properly with their masks on but it was not midnight and we were not at Sound Academy. 8:00pm on a Saturday evening to a crowd laced with young couples, teens, and the odd yuppie was not the time nor place for build-ups and bangs and over-produced performances. The energy in the room went from -2 to 100 when they transitioned from the new single to ‘Animal’. You think this would be an indicator.


Only partially satisfied was this girl, with no thanks to our Swedish friends. If it hadn’t been for the new discovery of Delorean I would’ve bee-lined it for the nearest source of chocolate upon exiting. Or my laptop. There is something warmly gratifying about expressing my dissatisfaction in writing. Perhaps a music lover’s form of closure.


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