mini review of new STARS single: ‘Fixed’

Just today indie-pop spectaculars Stars, released the first single of their 5th album The Five Ghosts, set to drop on June 22, and previously hyped right here on torontette.

The tune is called ‘Fixed’, and if you visit Stereogum by clicking here, give them your e-mail address it’s yours. It’s frontlined by Amy Millan and her iconic voice. For me it’s everything I imagined and more. It’s much more upbeat than a lot of tracks on their last album, which is a breath of fresh air. It has that Stars sound that we all have grown to love so much, but it’s also contemporary, fresh, slightly electro and still intimate and heavenly. Find out for yourself.

Turns out they are playing at Lollapalooza this year. Incredible. They are also in Toronto on May 5th.


One thought on “mini review of new STARS single: ‘Fixed’

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