What a great RAC

Remix Artist Collective, better known as RAC is made up of three young blokes who don’t let international waters get in the way of them making music.

Andre Allen Anjos (pictured above) is originally from Porto, Portugal but now lives in in Portland. He is the founder of RAC and has been remixing, producing and writing music for years, regardless of his young age. Andrew Maury, only in his 20s, comes to us from NYC and has been the live sound engineer for Ra Ra Riot since February 2008. And Crookram (Chris Angelovski) is a musical producer from the Netherlands. Together this trio brings us new incarnations of the songs we love. They started making their own remixes out of boredom for the current ‘club’ remixes that were out there. RAC is known for transforming songs into something different, something that hopefully, stirs up emotions rather than the brazen and over-produced mash-ups coming our way.

In a recent interview with Stereo Subversion Anjos said, “I’m really trying to make good music, you know? I don’t… I mean it’d be nice to get people to dance, but that’s not my point. I just want people to appreciate music for what it is. I think we’ve gotten lucky with this whole thing because people are getting into this: they’re liking something with a little different angle than a club mix or something. I don’t mean to bash club mixes, they have their time and place, but there’s nobody else trying to do what we do.”

Anjos makes most of the mixes himself (with collaboration of course) but Maury and Crookram have their own tags as well: (RAC Maury Mix) and (RAC Crookram Mix) respectively. Here is a compilation of RAC remixes. Some of them I even prefer to the original. Perhaps you might too. And perhaps you might discover that there can be more to remixes than club beats, “vs.”, parties & bullshit. Sorry Miley.

Sleeping Lessons (RAC Mix) – The Shins (download)

Home (RAC Mix) – Edward Sharpe & the Magnetic Zeros (download)

Magnificent (RAC Mix) – U2 (download)

Carrie (RAC Mix) – Speak (download)

Sweet Disposition (RAC Mix) – The Temper Trap (download)

Worse it Gets (RAC Mix) – Penguin Prison (download)

Reminder (RAC Mix) – Honeythieves (download)

Heavy Cross (RAC Mix) – The Gossip (download)

Too Fake (RAC Mix) – Hockey (download)

Catch ’em on myspace: http://www.myspace.com/remixartistcollective


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