Sunday can be your fun day

If anybody’s like me, Sundays are normally blah-filled. The weekend is setting, Monday is looming and if you live for the weekend, like me, you’re usually tired and nursing a hangover. Instead of falling victim to the “Sunday Funk” (a universal term that deserves capitalization), here are some suggestions a la Torontette.

1. Get your errands and chores, like groceries, laundry, coffee with that old friend you never really liked but feel obliged to (does that count?) on Saturday.

2. Make a brunch date. This is my favourite way to start a Sunday, even if it happens at 2 in the afternoon.

3. Find something fun to do in the evening because as research shows this is when the funk gets its stinkiest. Check out a live show (like Jakob Dylan/Neko Case show tonight), catch a flick, go for dinner or have friends over and order in.

No matter what though, even if you have to do responsible adult things, you will need a killer soundtrack. Songs that make you tickle inside. Songs that make you forget the weekend is ending. Here are 5 to get you going on your Sunday Funk playlist.

Back of the Card (James & Evander remix) – Man/Miracle (download)

I Feel Bonnie – Hot Chip (download)

A New Word to Say (James Yuill remix) – Bright Light Bright Light (download)

I Think I Like U 2 (Breakbot remix) – Jamaica (download)

Psychic Chasms (BRAHMS) – Neon Indian (download)


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