Song of the day (No. 1)

Monster, by Beantown duo Magic Man (Sam Lee & Alex Caplow) is a sweet treat from their debut release Real Life Color. It’s got addictive drum beats dusted with hazy hooks, and sprinkled with synth.  It’s delectable electro-pop with irresistible energy. On their MySpace they write, “Magic Man […] grew out of spare moments and idle hours during a summer spent volunteering on organic farms in the French countryside.” They wrote and recorded all their songs there, and upon their return home put the final touches together completely virtually as they were living in different cities.

Monster – Magic Man

And amazingly, they’re letting their fans download the entire Real Life Color album for free.

“We’ve put a lot of work into these ten songs and would really like you to hear them, so we’ve decided to put the entire album up for free download. You don’t have to pay anything (unless, of course, you feel strongly compelled to do so)–all we ask is that, if you like the songs, please share them with anyone you think will enjoy them as well.” – Magic Man.

Magic Man on MySpace:


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