Song of the day (No. 2)

A beautiful and uplifting song for Monday. Mfumu by The Very Best is energetic, soulful and might make you want to spin in circles with your eyes to the sky. Vocalist Esau Mwamwaya, from Malawi, teamed up with London-based DJ/production duo Radioclit in 2008 to start a project together which soon became The Very Best. A self-prophesizing name? The way these guys are making waves, they could very well be the very best for many. Songs are sung in Chichewa, which is the national language of Malawi. On the heels of a mixtape they put out that featured collaborations with MIA, Vampire Weekend, Architecture in Helsinki and Santigold, they produced Warm Heart in Africa, their first full-length album. Here is my favourite track from it:

Mfumu – The Very Best

Happy Monday everyone, xo.

The Very Best on MySpace:


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