Song of the day (No. 6)

I’m reading one of those books that ‘you’ve got to read’ in a lifetime. At least that’s what I’m told, and let me tell you friends, I’m yet to be disappointed. The book is The Fountainhead by Ayn Rand. Truly a masterpiece, and I say this only 100 pages in, riding on the coattails of Rand readers before me.

There is a passage that says, “…all heroism is humble – each contributing his small share to the common treasure of his time. A great building is not the private invention of some genius or other. It is merely a condensation of the spirit of a people.”

Now, obviously this is in reference to architecture, but could it be applied to music? The real music geniuses, place the focus on the music, not themselves. It is their art, their masterpiece, their pièce de résistance. Just like we admire a beautiful building, we can admire a beautiful song without ever knowing who created it.

British production duo Monarchy for the time being, is making it be all about the music. We have no clue what they look like. They have no photos on their website. Their appearance remains a mystery. What results is a certain humility that is very rare nowadays in the music biz. And if anything, the mystique looks good on them, no? Definitely equals buzzworthy.

‘The Phoenix Alive’, Monarchy’s new single is catchy yet progressive that balances pop and electro effortlessly. I’m also sharing the Kris Menace remix, which is pretty stellar too.

The Phoenix Alive – Monarchy

The Phoenix Alive (Kris Menace Mix) – Monarchy

TGIF. Love, T. xo


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