Broken Hearts, meet Music.

At its essence, Torontette is about love. Love for good music, love for discovery, love for things that inspire you, that make you feel happy. In a perfect world, music would only have to echo a life of delight and bliss. But real moments happen. Ones that challenge love-hopefuls, leaving in their wake disheartened hearts, salty tears and sleepless nights.

When it feels like love has sucker-punched you square in the jaw, what are you going to listen to? It’s easy to feel sorry for yourself, and to turn to music that plays into those emotions; sending you in a tail-spin directly for your Ray LaMontagne or Dallas Green collection. This is the simple beauty of music. It has the power to arouse emotions.

When l’amour takes flight, you of course have friends to lean on, mind-numbing tequila shots, and midnight marathons of CSI but when your friends have heard it all, the bottle’s gone dry and you’ve had enough Horatio, you can always turn to music. Nothing compares to how music can pull you out of a funk and make you feel golden again. Even when your heartache pours out thick and heavy, you can find your happiness at the bottom of the bucket, with a little help of the right music.

There are phases to go through however. Anyone who has suffered a broken heart knows that to feel good again, it’s a process. Here’s Torontette’s music guide (complete with lyric snip-its) to mending that heart of yours.

And forever remember, you always have music. xo

(right click on the song titles to download)

Phase One: Oh woe is me.

It’s Over – Milosh It’s hard just to watch things slip away / It’s hard they say just to see things drift away / Everything’s so temporary / I should have known

Golden Cage (Fred Falke Remix) – The Whitest Boy Alive So you no longer care if there’s another day / I guess I have been there, I guess I am there now / You knew what you wanted and you fought so hard

Done Done – Frankmusik Did you get a new me, or something not quite the same? / I know that it’s been months, but I hope that this will sit in vain / And a million times I’m told that my story’s getting old / But tell me are you better? / Now your new life starts to unfold

Rabbit Heart [Raise It Up] – Florence and the Machine The looking glass, so shiny and new / How quickly the glamour fades / I start spinning, slipping out of time

That Much Is True – Frankmusik Sometimes on my own could be so cold knowing you don’t care / I’ve tried to convince myself that i don’t really need you here / Down on myself and the finger always seems to point at me / but then I remembered that it’s you who wouldn’t let me be

Phase Two: Feeling unlucky in love.

Heartbreaker – MSTRKRFT you’re in my mind / you’re in my heart / I wish I knew right from the start / all my friends said you’d break my heart / A heartbreaker right from the start

Love Is Only A Feeling – The Darkness That the light of my life / Would tear a hole right through each cloud that scudded by / Just to beam on you and I / But love is only a feeling

Bloody Mother Fucking Asshole – Martha Wainwright No idea how it feels to be on your own / In your own home / With the fucking phone / And the mother of gloom

Phase Three: Seriously, fuck you.

Bang! – Yeah Yeah Yeahs As a fuck, son, you suck / My skin tonight is a-blazing but I don’t think you’re my type

Changes (GLOVES Remix) – Van She And it’s alright cause it’s over / I don’t care about you / With your books and your stories / Everything you do

Phase Four: Everything’s gonna be alright.

Learn to Lose – Hockey Yeah I’ve got to learn to lose for a while / I guess I’ve got to learn, you used to be mine / Woah I’ve got to learn, learn, learn you used to be mine / Till I learn one day to turn my troubles to gold

Love Is Colder Than Death – The Virgins Don’t let your love be colder than death / Don’t let no teardrops fall from your eye

Unforgettable Season – Cut Copy Listen to the voice that says, alright / This is the start, not the end tonight

Phase Five: Get out there and dance it off you sexy thing

Hot Child In The City – Pat Benatar She goes downtown, the boys all stop and stare / When she goes downtown, she walks like she just don’t care

Beat Control – Tilly and the Wall All these people talking about you now / They don’t make no difference, no / We always have the rhythm here / In our blood and in our souls / So let the beat control you now

Skeleton Boy – Friendly Fires I close my eyes on the dancefloor / I forget about you / I lose myself in flashing colors / Ive gotta see it through


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