RAC does Holy Rollers soundtrack

This Thursday there’s a new movie coming out called Holy Rollers. Starring Jesse Eisenberg (Zombieland) and Justin Bartha (The Hangover), the film explores the issue of blind faith and Hassidic drug mules in the late 90s in New York City.

Back in early 2009, RAC’s Andre Allen Anjos signed on to create an original soundtrack for the film, which he has just released less than 12 hours ago. Since the movie was based in the 90s, Anjos decided to only use instruments from this era. I truly respect this hommage to authenticity and it takes his Holy Rollers soundtrack up a notch in my books. The soundtrack is dark and defiant much like the outside world that Eisenberg’s character becomes naively involved with. It reeks of dirty streets, red-lit bars, moral dissonance and sinful secrets….and I can’t get enough.

You can get the RAC x Holy Rollers album by clicking here.

And great news, Anjos is offering all Torontette readers at 20% discount. Just enter the code ‘torontette’ (all lower case), and get your very own copy. Listen to it before tomorrow and you’ll feel very cool when you go see the movie.

Watch the trailer here: http://trailers.apple.com/trailers/independent/holyrollers/

Anjos has also released a single with a few remixes, which you can use the ‘torontette’ discount code for as well. Click ‘er here.

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