Song of the day (No. 16 & No. 17)

Torontette apologizes for the lack of ‘daily songs’ this week. Tisk tisk, I know but things have been hectic. To make up for it, I introduce you to Fenech-Soler.

Fenech-Soler is brothers Ross & Ben Duffy and Dan Soler and Andy Lindsay. These boys are from the UK, where after a successfully North America debut at SXSW this past March, they have returned, and are now on tour. They’re getting mucho love here after they blew it up in Austin. They chose their odd name because nothing else would come up on a Google search. I completely appreciate this, as it can be interesting googling band names these days: think The Middle East, Madrid or Tanlines (my attempts to ‘google’ these guys in particular have been previously mentioned here).

In a recent interview they said, “It started with us just messing with the computer and now it’s actually turned into something.” It has definitely turned into something great for these blokes.

The Cult of Romance – Fenech-Soler

Stop and Stare – Fenech-Soler

Stop and Stare (the fur remix) – Fenech-Soler

Fenech-Soler on MySpace:


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