Torontette interviews Free Energy

All the way from Philly, Free Energy comes to our turf this weekend to play at NXNE. Their debut album, Stuck on Nothing was produced by DFA guru and LCD Soundsystem’s James Murphy and delivers glittery, poptastical summer jams perfect for road trips and days by the beach.

As we gear up for the weekend, Torontette asks frontman Paul Sprangers a few questions.

Torontette: When did you form Free Energy?

 Paul Sprangers: Scott [Wells] and I signed to DFA about 3 years ago. We didn’t have a live band til a year ago.

T: What inspired you to make music together?

PS: A shared vision of making bombastic, melodic music.

T: What are your songs about?

PS: Waking up.

T: In as few words as possible, describe your sound.  

PS: Electric seagull lightning thighs.

T: What has been your biggest challenge as a band?

PS: Finding decent food on the road. We like to eat healthy. 

T: Have you played a show in Toronto before? If so, is there anything unique about “the Toronto fan”?

PS: YES! we love Toronto. Toronto fans are unique because they are super nice, and generous, and really like to party. 

T: Do you still get nervous performing a live show?

PS: YES! Just like how you always get nervous before you throw a party. You’re worried if people are gonna come, if they’re gonna have fun, if you prepared enough, if you’re a good host. 

T: These days it’s becoming more and more about having an electrifying live show. Can we expect any surprises from you show?

PS: It’s always been about having an electrifying show! Since the dawn of time. The successful cave men put on good live shows. As far as surprises go…yes but you have to come.

T: Tell us a little bit about your latest album, Stuck on Nothing. What are the feelings you’re trying to stir up in its listeners?

PS: Inspiration. Introspection. New perspectives. It’s a call to arms for all the people who are waking up and actively participating in human evolution.

T: You were voted one of the best bands of 2010 by Rolling Stone Magazine. When you did you realize, ‘we’ve made it’.

PS: Signing to DFA was pretty DOPE ON A ROPE!

T: Any last words for the Torontette readers?

PS: Yes. Hi Torontette readers. How’s it going? I’m RAD, thanks! Psyched to see you at the show. Annnnnyyyyyway. I just want to say that though I like your Canadian poutine, I will not  be eating it on this trip. It messes with my stomache. Nothing personal.

We can still share a beer and hang out. I’m just not eating that stuff.

see ya soon!

Free Energy will be playing at Yonge & Dundas Square this Thursday June 17th @ 6pm, and at the Horseshoe Tavern later that night @ 10pm. Both shows are part of NXNE.

Free Energy on MySpace:


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