[Lollapalooza] In the field: Momma knows best

Figuring out what to wear to a music festival can be test of one’s ability to balance common sense with fashion sense. Of course you want to dress the part but if there’s any time to listen to your mother regarding attire, it’s now. Or you can learn the hard way, and you’ll be returning home from Lolla short your favourite plaid shirt, with a nail-less toe or two, and BBQ’d skin, crispy enough to make a Peking duck jealous.

Here are my tips for what to wear and bring to a music festival (slightly femme-biased):

1. Closed-toed shoes that you wouldn’t mind chucking when this is all over. It’s important to protect those piggies.

2. Sunscreen, at least SPF 30. Preferably both waterproof and sweatproof.

3. Clothes you don’t mind having aggressively tested for quality and durability. This is not the time nor place to unveil your brand-new designer jumper. If you escape with all your clothes intact, consider that success.

4. A compact satchel to hold your necessities. Something just big enough to hold your camera, phone, money and sunscreen.

5. A hat to protect your noggen.

6. Reusable water bottle. It’s important to stay hydrated people. Even if that means more dreadful trips to the Johnny-on-the-spot.

Depending on how today goes, this list may be amended. It’s time to head to the park. Wish me luck.



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