[Lollapalooza] Festival Highlights

In what was my most anticipated event of the summer, Lollapalooza exceeded my expectations with flying colours. It would be impossible to sum up three days of music-filled bliss, with great friends, in a fantastic city, with memories in the making. So here are the highlights.

1. Saturday evening’s Cut Copy show. 20,000 die-hards simulating an earthquake was something I never thought possible. Okay maybe not an earthquake but if dancing could trigger one, it would’ve been a 9.0. Lead magic man, Dan Whitford set our hearts on fire with his sweet voice and sweet moves. This was my third time seeing these Aussies live and every time has been more electrifying than the last.

2. Empire of the Sun at Perry’s. Another favourite from the land down under, it’s hard to pin down what element of their performance was the most highlight-worthy. Was it the futuristic, space-like costumes that they donned, which for a second made me think we were being taken over by glittery aliens? Maybe. Or the glow sticks that poured on us like neon-coloured rain? Perhaps. Or was it their cosmic performance that had me asking ‘could this get any better’? Likely.

3. The shade of Grant Park. I’m all for a good sweat every so often, but there is no ‘glowing’ like what happens at a music festival. It’s an act of submission. Let those pores flow like it’s nobody’s business. At least everyone is in the same boat. Our saving grace however was the glorious shade of the leafy trees spotted all over the park. It’s amazing how much you appreciate the greenery in a crowd of thousands on a scorching hot day.

4. The people-watching. This was a festival constant for sure. All shapes and sizes, colours of the rainbow, little clothing, lots of clothing, masks, feathers and tails. It was like the Noah’s ark of festival attire.

5. Our Canadian comrades, Arcade Fire. After standing in place between the time MGMT finished and Arcade Fire fired, over an hour, bearing foul-smelling girls, sore feet and pushy people, the lights shone and the show took over. The crowd was surprisingly tame at first, an interesting reaction to the energy that flooded the stage. However it didn’t take long for the whole place to move in sync with the AF songs we all love so much. It was the perfect end to the perfect synergy of music, friends and good times.

So remember those tips I wrote about what to bring and what to wear? Tomorrow we break it down thanks to a few festival-goers who unknowingly are soon to make their Torontette debut.



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