[Lollapalooza] What were they thinking?

Here is a little photographic journal of some major Don’ts during Lollapalooza. Some of them flow from my post about what to wear to a music festival, and others show serious crimes committed against festival etiquette.

This ain’t a don’t, but it deserved a post. Yes indeed, we are everywhere.

Was this really necessary? I highly doubt it. How much booze did this underage kid really need to smuggle in?

Someone didn’t listen to his momma’s wise words.

Even when it’s muddy, rain boots are a major faux pas. Rubber and sweat are like oil and vinegar.

This was probably the second most annoying scene I encountered at the festival. If you’ve got sensitive skin honey, maybe you should reconsider your wardrobe choice.

Here rests Argyle Sweater. Once a warm, fuzzy fall piece, it was sentenced to death one hot August afternoon. RIP.

Annoying Encounter #1. In a crowd of thousands, these beater-clad joes couldn’t pull themselves away from their tarp.

Didn’t I mention the importance of wearing close-toed shoes? Exhibit A as evidence in the field.


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