Concert Review: Young Empires & Jamaica

Young Empires

Aaron Ellingson

Matthew Vlahovich

Jake Palahnuk

Last night’s Young Empires and Jamaica show had a similar resemblance to a show I went to back in April, namely Delorean and Miike Snow. What is it called again when the support kills the headliner? Ahh right…flipping awesome. Whereas at the Miike Snow show, I walked away one amazing band richer and a lesser fan to a previous favourite, at last night’s show, the circumstances were a bit different. The headliner Jamaica, who I had listened to before, only stirred up a max 5 obligatory claps from me and Young Empires, our city’s very own, left me with a crush bigger than I had on Jesse from Full House when I was 8. And we all know how intense crushes are when you’re 8.

The lads of Young Empires set the bar high last night. ‘White Doves’, which is tied for first in my books, was beautifully executed. You could almost feel the air hang still while the music filled the spaces in between. They closed with ‘Glory of the Night’ and ‘Rain of Gold’ (my other first place), two tracks that heated things up even on a chilly October Tuesday. There is no denying two things: these guys know what they’re doing and they’re absolutely passionate when they’re doing it. I felt it when I interviewed them and I felt it when I saw them on stage. Not too shabby for a band that’s only been together a year.

As much as I appreciate Jamaica coming all the way from Paris to tour and play their first ever show in Canada, I’ll happily pack their beret-filled bags for them and double-kiss them back to France. I found their songs to be linear and slightly 90s pop-like. The crowd was diggin it but even still…every person I talked to after the show were more impressed with the former than the latter. Their only saving grace was the cover they did of The Police – Message in a Bottle. Count them. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5 claps.

Read Torontette’s interview with Young Empires here.


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