Song of the day (No. 63)

If you’re looking for something to not just get you through your work day but get you through on a magic carpet from 9 to 5 without an ounce of boredom, listen to this. Kieran Hebden, better known as Four Tet has been producing electronic music for years. His latest album, There is Love in You was released in January.

I caught his live show last week at the Mod Club. Even though the music he makes on stage is majestic, I almost felt like we were intruding on a music nerd spinning in his basement. Hebden was very shy, other than just a few sporadic glances at the audience (who was frighteningly static I might add), he for the most part kept to himself.

Read a full show review from BlogTO here.

Here’s one great Four Tet track but I highly suggest that once you’ve gotten in sync with this, you hunt down the others off of his latest album.

Love Cry – Four Tet (right-click to download)


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