Song of the day (No. 64)

The untouched original of this song, even though it’s high energy with a driving pulse, lies flat in my drinking glass. It does nothing for me. Kind of like your fourth Advil on Sunday morning.

Producer Monsieur Adi has come into the picture with his ‘je ne sais quoi’, taken this hot mess of a song and turned the tempo down and the temperature up. The sexiest part of this remix is Benjamin Berry‘s voice, which is given the limelight it deserves.

I dedicate today’s song of the day to someone who always dives for the original rather than the knock-off. This is to you KNB. I know you prefer the remix of this track, so I consider this a win in my tally book. And as much as I usually tend to gravitate towards remixes, I like you just the way you are. An original.

I Can Make The Pain Disappear (Monsieur Adi Remix) – Fear of Tigers (right-click to download)


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