Song of the day (No. 78 & 79)

In honour of their free show tonight at the Horseshoe, here are a couple tracks from Bravestation, four fellas making memorable music in Toronto. If you’re a fan of Yeasayer, Arcade Fire, or Wolf Parade, you’ll dig. Look out for Torontette’s interview with them in the coming weeks. I’m calling it now, I see big, big things from these guys in 2011.

And don’t forget, tonight’s show is FREE! Imagine that. I didn’t think anything was free in Toronto anymore. They’re on at 10pm. Hustle down y’all.


Song of the day (No. 77)

Weekend in Brooklyn – Kisses (right-click to download)

A happy song for this Monday morning. One that makes you want to put on a long skirt and twirl. Gentlemen, don’t feel like you need to exclude yourself from this simple pleasure. It’s great to hear more stuff from Kisses – their first single smooched everyone long and hard. This one goes out to my dear gal pal ALK. From 414 to 50, we’ve always had good times at PA. Love and light, love and light….

Song of the day (No. 76)

Sorry friends for the lack of posts this week, it has been a long one. Fortunately this song makes me sparkle again. Who doesn’t love Bon Iver‘s heartbreaker track from 2008? Producer Das Kapital from Cape Town, South Africa has dirtied it up a bit. Not in a messy way but in a innocent, raw and organic way. You can hear it in those drumbeats.

Skinny Love (Das Kapital rerub) – Bon Iver (right-click to download)

Song of the day (No. 75)

Wrongbar is celebrating its three-year anniversary tonight. Can you say perfect excuse for a kick-ass party?? Count on these fellas to do it right – they have brought Tensnake all the way from Germany to sing Happy Birthday to their Parkdale dive.

Joyeux anniversaire Wrongbar. Here’s a killer track from Tensnake. Just what the doctor ordered to get this party started before noon.

Coma Cat – Tensnake (right-click to download)

Song of the day (No. 74)

I love when my friends send music recos my way. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, I’m blessed to have so many musically talented and savvy folk in my life. This one is thanks to C.D.M. and according to him it’s best listened to while you watch the video. Chilling isn’t it? Sick track. On play 7 this morning already.

Happy hump day. xo

Song of the day (No. 73)

Apologies for not posting yesterday…it was Monday, enough said?

I’m feeling a little girly today people. If you are too or maybe you’re in need of a good dance-party release, listen to Fear of Tigers remix of ‘Waterfall’. Upbeat and catchy, with a driving beat, it’s discodust in it’s purest form.

Waterfall (Fear Of Tigers Remix) – Rosanna (right-click to download)

Song of the day (No. 72)

Who doesn’t love a slow jam when the mood is right? The great-ixx Class-ixx turns the lights down low on this one, from Pat Grossi, otherwise known as Active Child. Emotional vocals lay-lady-laid over thick synths and a grounding bass line. An ethereal tune, not the chippiest of subject materials but absolutely delicious.

When Your Love Is Safe (Classixx Remix) – Active Child (right-click to download)