Song of the day (No. 88)

Definitely one of the most interesting sounding songs I’ve heard in a while. It’s roots are easily traceable to R&B and synth-pop relatives but it reveals corners of darkness every so often. What surprised me most was how emotional this song can be at times. Similar sentiment to what came over me when I listened to Discovery‘s So Insane for the first time, and the 128 times after that. Not bad for an anonymous bloke out of Brooklyn.

In an interview with Altered Zones, Autre Ne Veut says this about himself:

“Autre Ne Veut is a moonlighting Id persona and has, since about 2005, been a repository for what felt like inappropriate emotive behavior in the professional world. Any sense of mythos attached to ANV is primarily a function of the fact that I’d prefer to keep my name out of print, so for that reason, I’m actively working to preserve a clean Google search.”

Check out some of his other tracks too, like OMG and the cover of Lindsey Lohan’s Bossey. Your ears will be tantalized.

Two Days of Rain – Autre Ne Veut (right-click to download)


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