Snapshot review of leaked Cut Copy album, Zonoscope

Cut Copy‘s resurgence has been a long time coming, and for uber-fans like me, I’ve been counting down the days until the release of their latest album, Zonoscope, more precisely than for a beach vacation. And I LOVE the beach.

The 11-track gem was just leaked this weekend and thanks to a blogger friend in NYC, I was able to have a first listen. I had my doubts prior to this – I stood divided on their two pre-release tracks ‘Take Me Over’ and ‘Where I’m Going’. The first had me dancing while the second was like a vanilla latte gone cold – still does the trick but not nearly as enjoyable.

After listening to the whole album front-to-back and sideways, my love for Cut Copy has been rekindled. Simply put, I can’t get enough. There is a lot more variety than In Ghost Colours – their last album of 2008 – an album that got me through some tough times but undeniably had a consistent sound throughout. On Zonoscope, Dan Whitford and the lads experiment with a plethora of different sounds and synths while still staying true to the pop-rock essence they are known for. For me this album is like an old high school crush who you haven’t seen in a while: he’s grown into his looks but that boyish charm still remains. Get excited people. Cut Copy is back.

Favourite tracks from Zonoscope: ‘Corner of the Sky’ and ‘Need You Now’

Take Me Over – Cut Copy


4 thoughts on “Snapshot review of leaked Cut Copy album, Zonoscope

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  2. I completely agree. Great short and concise review, just switch “he” with “she” at the end, for me, hahaha. Hope you get to see them on their tour.

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