Song of the day (No. 98): Try to Understand (Dmerit Remix) – The Gay Blades

The Gay Blades are NYC’s Clark Westfield and Puppy Mills, who have been pushing the genre walls out lately, making music that that is impossible to classify and will hurt your brain if attempted to do so.

I love the strong presence of horns in the track ‘Try to Understand’ (Dmerit Remix) and its upbeat, West-coast, beach-party-at-dusk feel. Clark Westfield (real name, James Dean Wells) says this is a song about “the patience we need to love those who test our love the most,” he explains, adding, “it’s a monster of a song, and it might be my favorite on the record.” From what I’ve heard thus far, it’s definitely on Torontette’s list.


Try To Understand (Dmerit Remix) – The Gay Blades (right-click to download)


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