CMW Must-See: DVAS

Before I embarked on covering Canadian Music Fest this year I made a pact to myself. It wasn’t one involving pinkies, crossing hearts or a hasty uttering of ‘I promise’ but rather one rich in authenticity and fueled by love. My pact was to only write about bands this CMW, that make my eyes sparkle. Bands that set my heart on fire. It is undeniable that there is SO much amazing talent at this annual festival but I’m only going to be able to provide you the experience you’re looking for if I bypass bands that check off the ‘great’ box in my books. Bands worthy of a write up need to fulfill the ‘I-listen-ten-times-on-repeat-and-still-can’t-shake-this-lovin’-feeling’ box.

Rants aside, my CMW ‘must-sees’ aren’t just okay, they are la creme de la creme according to Torontette.

Speaking of which, let’s raise it up for DVAS, from Toronto. Bee-utiful bliss for the ears. Pretty much all their tracks are brilliant, but ‘Forever’ is my fave.

CMW Deets:

Musebox & Travis Porter Showcase // Friday March 11 // Sneaky Dee’s // 3am

Indies Afterparty // March 12 // Mod Club Theatre Sennheiser Lounge // 2:30am

Forever – DVAS


Song of the day (No. 111): Believer (Little Loud Remix) – Goldfrapp

I feel terrible for neglecting my little baby blog last week but now it’s Monday again and it’s time to bring it back again with a poppy little number by my blonde sister, Goldfrapp. I love her and her untouched music however this Little Loud remix of ‘Believer’ is something pretty special. It is testament to how everything LL touch turns to gold, and with Goldfrapp’s Believer we are served a double dose.

This one goes out to my girl WFM. I’ll always think of you when I hear this song from now on. xo

Believer (Little Loud Remix) – Goldfrapp (right-click to download)

CMW Must-See: Bravestation

There’s good reason that Bravestation are early to appear on my radar for this year’s Canadian Music Week and it’s not just because they’re so darn cute. I’ve been a fan since I first heard their songs, and my love for these musical gems has only grown deeper with each listen.

For a little background read Torontette’s interview with Bravestation by clicking here.

CMW Deets:

Factor Breakthrough Series // Thursday March 10 // Hard Luck // 12am

Travis Porter & Musebox Showcase // Friday March 11 // Sneaky Dee’s // 10pm

Colour Us With Youth – Bravestation

CMW Must-See: Freedom or Death

The great Canadian Music Week is fast approaching, and with just over three weeks to go it is only right to show it all the love it deserves. Starting now up until mid-March, I’ll be sharing some of my most anticipated shows. The roster of artists can be extremely daunting, especially if you are looking to just catch a good set here or there. Torontette’s list hopefully will help you narrow down the talent and bring the unexpected.

Today we’ve got Freedom or Death, from guess where – Toronto! Indie-electro duo Fernandez and Sway are a breath of fresh air, and very different from a lot of the music coming out of the city this year. There’s no denying they have their own unique sound, with own unique flavor; so tasty it’s hard to eat just one. I LOVE what they’ve got going on with their track ‘This Crowded Room’.

CMW Deets: Factor Breakthrough Series // Thursday March 10 // El Mocambo // 1:30am

This Crowded Room – Freedom or Death

Cut Copy releases new mixtape

A fine day for a sexy electro mix, don’t you say? Cut Copy sure thinks so, as they earlier today released ‘A Tale of Two Journeys’. Click here and enjoy the hour plus mixtape. It’s more grown-up than previous mixtapes they’ve done, but the same can be said about their most recent album, Zonoscope. A Tale of Two Journeys might just be the perfect soundtrack to push you through this Monday afternoon.



Song of the day (No. 110): The Last Dance – Clare Maguire

There’s nothing like a strong female starlet serenading you on Valentine’s Day. I’m not a huge supporter of the holiday. It is more Hallmark’s coup to sell greeting cards and stuffed bears rather than an homage to love.

Listening to this song by Clare Maguire, it’s hard not to feel anything and if you don’t, your heart needs an audit. The lyrics are powerful and the beat, delicious.

Love. T. xo

The Last Dance (Chase and Status remix) – Clare Maguire (right-click to download)

Song of the day (No. 109): I Got A Woman – Nicolas Jaar

I love sometimes when people come to me with suggestions. Sometimes they fall flat but other times, they shine. The light is bright today my friends, thanks to a recommendation I received earlier this week. We’re going down, way down today with a little Nicolas Jaar. At only 20, he has become the prized young buck of electronic music. He has already toured international stages, released a killer EP last year and his first full-length is waiting patiently in the wings to make its grand entrance. And did I mention he’s studying at Brown?

Here’s a chilly slow-jam, ‘I Got A Woman’ for your listening pleasure. Space Is Only Noise drops Monday, February 14. Perfect ingredient for a perfect Valentine’s day. Do I smell the sweet aroma of brownie points?