CMW Must-See: Freedom or Death

The great Canadian Music Week is fast approaching, and with just over three weeks to go it is only right to show it all the love it deserves. Starting now up until mid-March, I’ll be sharing some of my most anticipated shows. The roster of artists can be extremely daunting, especially if you are looking to just catch a good set here or there. Torontette’s list hopefully will help you narrow down the talent and bring the unexpected.

Today we’ve got Freedom or Death, from guess where – Toronto! Indie-electro duo Fernandez and Sway are a breath of fresh air, and very different from a lot of the music coming out of the city this year. There’s no denying they have their own unique sound, with own unique flavor; so tasty it’s hard to eat just one. I LOVE what they’ve got going on with their track ‘This Crowded Room’.

CMW Deets: Factor Breakthrough Series // Thursday March 10 // El Mocambo // 1:30am

This Crowded Room – Freedom or Death


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