CMW Must-See: DVAS

Before I embarked on covering Canadian Music Fest this year I made a pact to myself. It wasn’t one involving pinkies, crossing hearts or a hasty uttering of ‘I promise’ but rather one rich in authenticity and fueled by love. My pact was to only write about bands this CMW, that make my eyes sparkle. Bands that set my heart on fire. It is undeniable that there is SO much amazing talent at this annual festival but I’m only going to be able to provide you the experience you’re looking for if I bypass bands that check off the ‘great’ box in my books. Bands worthy of a write up need to fulfill the ‘I-listen-ten-times-on-repeat-and-still-can’t-shake-this-lovin’-feeling’ box.

Rants aside, my CMW ‘must-sees’ aren’t just okay, they are la creme de la creme according to Torontette.

Speaking of which, let’s raise it up for DVAS, from Toronto. Bee-utiful bliss for the ears. Pretty much all their tracks are brilliant, but ‘Forever’ is my fave.

CMW Deets:

Musebox & Travis Porter Showcase // Friday March 11 // Sneaky Dee’s // 3am

Indies Afterparty // March 12 // Mod Club Theatre Sennheiser Lounge // 2:30am

Forever – DVAS


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