Something to think about: Concert Etiquette during Canadian Music Week

As we gear up for Canadian Music Week, I thought it timely to re-share my post on Concert Etiquette 101. We can all likely take a cue from the list below and if not – if you are let’s say the flawless example of a concert-goer (regardless of my skepticism), then we’d all appreciate you enlightening your not-so-savvy friends. Play safe this week friends!


My inspiration for this post came to me at a recent show. I witnessed a girl shoulder tap the tall fella in front of her and insist that he MOVE OVER (capitals used to express her hostile tone). He had nowhere to go…not forward, back, left, right…should he have gone into the perma-squat position? It might’ve been good for his glutes but not good for his ego. This resulted in Exhibit A, obviously not a seasoned concert-goer, to huff and puff in a tantrum that could have been avoided if she got there earlier , wasn’t so stuffy, or both. That said if you are vertically blessed, don’t push through the crowd to the stage, consequently blocking the shorter folks who were there before you. Not cool dude.

So there’s two for you. Here are 9 more concert etiquette tips from Torontette:

3. See the opening act. Show your support for them, as well as the headliner…after all, even the biggest bands were openers once.

4. Keep your tongue in your mouth. The people behind you came to see live music, not soft-core porn.

5. Don’t wear the t-shirt. Yes, we know you’re a fan, that’s why we’re all here dummy.

6. If you have long hair, do us all a courtesy and put it in a pony. A mouthful of locks while you’re grooving doesn’t mix well with beer.

7. Leave your backpacks, oversized satchels and purses in the closet. Nothing’s worse than getting side-swiped by last season’s Michael Kors or the kid who brought his book bag. I know it’s a stretch but a concert venue is not the library.

8. Don’t start moshing with an open drink. Yes, concerts can get messy but the only moisture you should be wearing is your own ‘glow’ from dancing so hard. Not your concert neighbour’s warm Bud Light.

9. Ladies, wear flats. I don’t care how comfortable your new 5-inch summer sandals are…you’ll thank me later.

10. Pay attention to the set list. Don’t call out for a song to be played that they have already performed. It’s embarrassing, for them, more so for you.

11. Remember you are not in the band. I know sometimes the urge to haul yourself up on stage, show off your dance moves and how well you know all the lyrics is tempting but the audience has paid to see an artist that they love, not some fool jumping around rhythm-less oaf.

Would love to hear more if you’ve got them.

Love, T. xo


7 thoughts on “Something to think about: Concert Etiquette during Canadian Music Week

  1. I can’t stand people who try to videotape every second of the show on their cell phones. It ruins everything. The past, the present and the future.

  2. Here’s one … don’t shove through the crowd. I don’t care if you’re trying to rush to the stage, find your friends, or get one last beer before last call … don’t shove, and keep your elbows down. You’ll come off like a spoiled little solipsistic psycho elf if you do this crap. If for no other reason, avoid this because CMW audiences are full of people from other bands and you’re disrespecting artists, not just regular people you hate, with this sort of behaviour. Tap people on the back before you try getting past … especially if you can’t handle a shove back.

  3. Just because there are people in front of the stage, it doesn’t mean they want to mosh. If you desperately want to express yourself, keep your limbs to yourself.

  4. If you want to talk to your friends through the entire show, stay home and listen to the album instead. We paid to see a band we love, not to have quiet moments ruined by you yapping loudly about some boy who won’t call you back.

  5. Dont scream out lyrics (oblivious to melody), in intimate venues.

    If there’s a stadium-equipped sound system drowning out your cat wailing, go nuts. If you’re in a smaller venue, ruining the aural experience for those next to you, you deserve to be water-boarded with vinegar.

    (hi Liz)

  6. How about “Watch the B.O.”?
    I’ve personally had to relinquish prime viewing spots due to major olfactory offenses, at both ends of the spectrum: from chronic anonymous farting to intolerable fancy perfume that may be posh in some French fashion universe but not in a tightly-packed concert crowd.

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