Canadian Music Week: Torontette’s Thursday March 10

This year’s Canadian Music Week was my third attended, and my first as official media. I knew it’d be busy but had no idea the extent I would be running around town and dishing out cash on cabs – all with a nasty cold might I add. Was it worth it? 121%. Here’s a rundown of Torontette’s first night at CMW.

5:45pm: Arrive at the Royal York to pick up my media pass, and stroll around the mezzanine taking in the musically-rich surroundings

6:20pm: Interview with the amazingly talented Kim Churchill from Australia. Read the interview here

6:40pm: TAXI #1 to The Great Hall @ 1087 Queen Street West where I politely told the cabbie to ‘step on it’

7:00pm: Arrive at the GH to interview Yukon Blonde who upon arrival, I find out our interview has to be rescheduled to 8:30 as they’re running late

7:10pm: Hunkered down at Starbucks across the street to get my Friday blogTO post written

8:30pm: Returned to the GH for Yukon Blonde interview, bumping into my friends Young Empires, who were opening for them

9:00pm: Interview with Yukon Blonde finally gets underway in the green room. Definitely worth the wait

9:15pm: Hung out for a few to see a bit of Prussia perform

9:25pm: TAXI #2 to Lee’s Palace to catch Miracle Fortress

9:42pm: Consumed my first beer of the night while bumping shoulders with K-OS

9:50pm: Loved Miracle Fortress’ set featuring only new songs from their upcoming release Was I The Wave

10:13pm: TAXI #3 to the Royal York

10:30pm: Arrived at the Royal York’s Library Bar, unfortunately too late to see Kim Churchill perform

11:00pm: Met by friend (and CMW musician) Morgan Cameron Ross at the Library Bar and grab a seat to see Adrian Wilson perform

11:30pm: Alanna Cherote takes the stage

12:15am: Extremely inebriated industry fella takes the people-watching from interesting to bewildering

1:00am: After a long night, it was finally time to head home

1:10am: TAXI #4 home


  • 4 taxis
  • 3 beers
  • 2 interviews
  • 4 performances
  • 3 venues
  • 1 dead iPhone
  • umpteen drunks

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