Cults at the Horseshoe: A review

After having to unfortunately forgo my tickets to the Foster the People show on Sunday night, there was no chance I was passing up my tickets for Cults on Monday night. Despite feeling under the weather, through hell or high water I was going. And not one iota of my being regretted it.

When Cults anonymously posted three tracks on their Bandcamp page last year, no one had a clue who they were, where they came from or what they looked like. Even though there’s something to be said about keeping the mystery alive, I think I can speak on behalf of music lovers everywhere, that we were getting squirrelly for details. Since then they have been mesmerizing the airwaves with their 60s pop sound and infectious melodies.

We got to the Horseshoe in time to see the second opener, Magic Kids perform, although I wish we hadn’t. If you’ve read my past concert reviews, you’ll know that I rarely knock a band however this young one made my X list. Fair enough – they had a few (okay many) technical issues but I found them to be incohesive, awkward and to be honest slightly arrogant on stage. In my opinion, musicians are only allowed to have an ego when they’re worthy of one. But enough of the quips; time for the good stuff.

Completely unassumingly, Cults, made up of duo Brian Oblivion and Madeline Follin and their crew, took the stage without introduction and started making magic. Follin’s voice was just as enchanting as I had imagined. The highlight of the show for me was when they performed ‘You Know What I Mean’. It is a slower song for them that oozes of 60s ballad essence but yet is refreshingly current. Timeless yet contemporary. Could there me a more bewitching combo? I was interested to see if she could belt it out live like she does on the studio track and BOY could she ever.

Their single ‘Go Outside’ –  if you could call it that based on the fact that they only have a handful of songs so far in their repertoire – was the second to last song they performed and even though it fell a bit flat for my liking, their closing song ‘Oh My God’ made up for it. I don’t know if it’s a prerequisite to be in the band, but they all have (minus the drummer) flowing brunette manes. Watching them sway in harmony on stage was hypnotizing.

Consensus: All I felt in the room was love. There was no denying that Cults first Toronto show left people with some serious warm and fuzzy feelings, and anticipatory of their return. If you ever have the chance to see them live, in any city, at any time, do it. And if ‘warm and fuzzy’ may not get you there, maybe the fact that Oblivion used to be in a Slayer cover band will.

Go here for the new music video of ‘Go Outside’. Apologies for the ET Canada link but the original is not yet available in Canada. Music Video: Cults – ‘Go Outside’ Starring Dave Franco & Emma Roberts

Listen to ‘You Know What I Mean’:


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