Show of the Week: Zola Jesus

What do Our Lord Jesus Christ and 19th century French author Emile Zola have in common? They inspired the birth of their lovechild Zola Jesus, otherwise known as Nika Roza Danilova.

Zola Jesus is one of the things that goes bump in the night. But don’t be afraid. From the shadows she creates brooding dark pop that will haunt your dreams and yet you’ll fight to keep from waking just to bury yourself deeper in her gloomy grasp.

She’s playing a show in Toronto on Wednesday night at The Garrison, and you’ll want to catch this progressive black dove making her lusty lo-fi magic on stage. Really there’s no excuse when tickets are only $14 a pop.

If you’re a fan of Florence Welch and Bat for Lashes, there’s a good chance you’ll like little Zola. Listen to two of my favourite songs below or if you like to live on the edge, take my word and meet me at the show Wednesday – get ready to enter an underworld full of mystery, shadowy enchantment and pop with a dark side.

Listen to Night by Zola Jesus:

Listen to Sea Talk by Zola Jesus: 


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