Song of the day (No. 131): Penguin – Avicii

By now, most people in the music hallways have gotten word that house music is making a serious comeback – especially in the past 6-8 months. Here’s a little treat from Swede Avicii called ‘Penguin’.
Moved by what Ira from Yeasayer shared with me about how all music has a reference point, I thought this would be a fitting example. This track was inspired by a little classical music – not surprising as classical is frequently the muse for house artists.
Filmed in 1989, here is the original classical track, called ‘Perpetuum Mobile’ by Penguin Cafe Orchestra:
Inspiration for making music has been pulled from a lot crazier things. Like splashes of water and ripping paper – believe it or not – I’ve seen it with my own eyes. Happy Friday xo

One thought on “Song of the day (No. 131): Penguin – Avicii

  1. Thank you for sharing this song – I had trouble finding it after hearing on XM Radio! Absolutely beautiful, feel good track. Thanks to your clever blogging, I simply googled Avicii and classical, and this popped up. Thanks for sharing the love!

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