Kim Churchill live at The Horseshoe

Monday night shows are never my preference and understandably so. But if there’s one show I’m going to see on the first day of the work week, let it be Kim Churchill.

I had the great pleasure of interviewing him when he was last in Toronto during Canadian Music Week back in March. You can read that interview here.  The same day, in my CMW frenzy, I was only able to catch the start of his set at The Gladstone but it only took me these two or three songs to recognize what an unbelievable talent this young Aussie has. Mesmerizing. This past Monday he was back, playing at one of my favourite venues – The Horseshoe and I thought it impossible – but in the past 4 months, his live show has gotten even more incredible. Even more passion-filled. Even more awe-inspiring.

It’s a big claim, but Monday night’s show may have been one of the best concerts I’ve ever been to. And for a girl that spends a significant amount of time dedicated to music, that says a lot.

These videos don’t do it justice but at least I hope you can experience at least a little of the raw joy I experienced live. These clips are from last year, and if I recognized a surge of greatness between March and now, imagine what that feels like after watching these.

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