About Torontette

When Torontette first began, it was meant to highlight a varied collection of interesting tidbits. But as months elapsed, and posts became more frequent, I discovered along the way that my hands, head and heart only cared about writing on one subject matter: Music. This was one of those times when I had to embrace what comes instinctually. And given that my my head-wants and my heart-wants actually aligned for once, I’d be crazy to see to something different.

The foundation of Torontette however has stood solid since day one. Music is my passion, my inspiration. For you it could be something different – a fall collection, a 10-course tasting menu or a piece of art that leaves you pensive. Whatever it might be, it’s important to have things, moments, experiences in your life that electrify you.

WIth that I leave you to explore Torontette. Would love to hear your feedback. Leave me your comments. xo


8 thoughts on “About Torontette

  1. I’m liking the concert series… maybe we’ll bump into each other?

    I was just at Beach House last week– what a great show. Washed Out, Twelves, Two Door Cinema Club, Hot Chip, the list goes on… I hope you don’t mind if I link to your site should there be a good concert we miss.

    All the best!

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