Song of the day (No. 142): 1979 (feat. Liz Anjos) – RAC

My favourite remix artist, Andre (Allen Anjos) brought the talents of his vocally-blessed wife, Liz Anjos to the year 1979 for this Smashing Pumpkins cover. It might make 90’s rock die-hards die a little inside but for the rest of us, it is refreshing and perfectly pop for the year 2011.

1979 (ft. Liz Anjos) – RAC (right-click to download)


{spain edition} Song of the day (No. 141): Sunshine Love (Ray Mang remix) – Bing Ji Ling

With the last day of summer coming up this week, I thought this would be appropriate for the last song of the {spain edition} series. Farewell summer and Sunshine Love.

Sunshine Love (Ray Mang Remix) – Bing Ji Ling (right-click to download)

{spain edition} Song of the day (No. 139): Friction between the lovers – AMWE

Discovered in a little boutique in the neighbourhood of Raval in Barcelona. Finding out the name of this song was probably the only time where I worked really, really hard to piece together some broken spanish. In the end, I just took over her iTunes.

Friction Between The Lovers – AWME (right-click to download)

{spain edition} Song of the day (No. 138): Look Right Through (vocal mix) – Storm Queen

Storm Queen (aka Morgan Geist) has already qualified as a Song of the Day, taking the #85 spot back in December, and I welcome its encore appearance as #138 in {spain edition}. This one goes out to my new Italian friends and our moments made on the island of Ibiza. Bellissimo!

{spain edition} Song of the day (No. 137): Night Air (solomun remix) – Jamie Woon

After two weeks of dancing, beaching, eating and partying my way through Spain,Torontette is back just in time to see off the last days of summer.

For the next little while, the songs of the day will all be ones that were discovered abroad. From the beach parties of Ibiza, to the pool clubs of Mallorca, to the cliffside driving soundtracks and everything in between…here is {spain edition}.

The opening act is a Solomun remix of Jamie Woon‘s ‘Night Air’. Discovered in a little music store, in Raval, Barcelona.