Song of the day (No. 142): 1979 (feat. Liz Anjos) – RAC

My favourite remix artist, Andre (Allen Anjos) brought the talents of his vocally-blessed wife, Liz Anjos to the year 1979 for this Smashing Pumpkins cover. It might make 90’s rock die-hards die a little inside but for the rest of us, it is refreshing and perfectly pop for the year 2011.

1979 (ft. Liz Anjos) – RAC (right-click to download)


Song of the day (No. 122): Sleep (RAC remix) – Thomas Tantrum

And you thought my love affair with Andre Allen Anjos a.k.a. RAC had faded.

Sleep (RAC Remix) – Thomas Tantrum (right-click song title to download or stream below)

Song of the day (No. 62)

Bloc Party frontman Kele, has been exploring his solo career for a while now, which I’m okay with since my favourite thing about that band was always his sexy singing voice.

Remix Artist Collective remixes another track so solid, a parade of elephants couldn’t even knock it down.

Happy Friday everyone xx

Everything You Wanted (RAC Remix) – Kele (right-click to download)

Song of the day (No. 61)

Anamanaguchi is a chiptune punk band from NYC that uses synthesizers, both conventional and unconventional – namely a hacked NES and Game Boy to produce music that sounds like a video game from the mid to late 80s. What’s interesting however, is that they say this isn’t their main influence when producing music. They look to bands like Weezer and the Beach Boys instead. I heart this 8bit nostalgia almost as much as I did super mario bros.

And like always, Andre Anjos takes it one awesome step further.

Airbrushed (RAC Remix) – Anamanaguchi

Song of the day (No. 58)

Andre Anjos has done it again. Do I really need to write something refreshing and smug to convince you all to listen? You should know by now I’m a big time believer in RAC remixes. If you’re still a virgin in this department, I suggest you pop your RAC cherry with a White Arrow. Now.


p.s. love the remix way more than the original.

Coming or Going (RAC Remix) – White Arrows (right-click to download)

Coming or Going – White Arrows (right-click to download)

Song of the day (No. 51)

I should be awarded #1 fan of RAC remixes. Thank you A.A.A. for making them come alive.

RCRD LBL just dropped the newest Remix Artist Collective-salted track this morning. It is a funkified version of ‘Static on the Wire’ by Holy Ghost! who are BTW, killing it this year: tours with both LCD Soundsystem and Chromeo. Shaawing.

This Brooklyn duo released their debut EP mid-May via DFA Records and are due to release a full length album in early 2011.

Let that guitar solo fold into a handclap. You know you want to.

Happy Thursday campers.

Static On The Wire (RAC Remix) – Holy Ghost! (right-click to download)

Song of the day (No. 38)

Tokyo Police Club has been with Remix Artist Collective from the beginning. In fact, this is the believe-it 6th remix that RAC has done with them. I only needed to treat my ears once, to fall in love. Sometimes that’s all it takes. But really. Does RAC ever make a bad mix?

Visit the Tokyo Police Club website to purchase the track. All the proceeds of sales are going to the ASPCA.

TGIF beautifuls.

Wait Up (Boots of Anger) (RAC mix) – Tokyo Police Club