Song of the day (No. 142): 1979 (feat. Liz Anjos) – RAC

My favourite remix artist, Andre (Allen Anjos) brought the talents of his vocally-blessed wife, Liz Anjos to the year 1979 for this Smashing Pumpkins cover. It might make 90’s rock die-hards die a little inside but for the rest of us, it is refreshing and perfectly pop for the year 2011.

1979 (ft. Liz Anjos) – RAC (right-click to download)


{spain edition} Song of the day (No. 139): Friction between the lovers – AMWE

Discovered in a little boutique in the neighbourhood of Raval in Barcelona. Finding out the name of this song was probably the only time where I worked really, really hard to piece together some broken spanish. In the end, I just took over her iTunes.

Friction Between The Lovers – AWME (right-click to download)